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Welcome to DVRdaddy!

Posted by DVR daddy on

Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences with other DVR users within the community. Thanks for your support and "DVR Power to All!"

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  • What can I do with the drive after I have upgraded from Genie to Genie 2.

    John on
  • Thank you so much. The installation went perfectly.

    Polly Bennett on
  • Polly, please leave the external DVR expander powered on at all times as it is designed to operate 24/7. The expander should never be powered off as you do not want to miss any recordings which may be scheduled. Thanks!

    DVRdaddy on
  • We just received our DVRDaddy and it’s now powering up. We did connect it to our powerstrip, not to the back end of our receiver. Our question is, at night when we turn off our Television and DTV box, do we leave our DVRDaddy on or, shall we turn it off nightly? Or, is it safe to plug the DVRDaddy into our DTV box so it will be powered off and on with our box?

    Polly Bennett on

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