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DirecTV DVRs and General Discussions

Posted by DVR daddy on

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  • My DVR daddy Sabrent 2TB expander is not functioning properly. I leave it on 24/7. I recently noticed recorded programs were not displayed. I have disconnected the DirecTV HR24 power cord and rebooted several times. The internal DVR recorded programs have not been replaced by the stored programs on the external expander. The displayed free space on the DVR internal drive has not changed either. How do I fix the problem? When I connect the expander to my computer with a USB cable, the computer does not see the drive.

    Mike Jones on
  • I recently purchased a 4TB DTV drive. I followed the installation instructions and the DVR HR44-700 does not appear to recognize the drive. The few shows we had already recorded on the DVR are still showing up on the recorded “List” and are still watchable. The increased recording capacity is not recognized. I turned aff everything and performed the installation process again with the same results. The indicator light on the front of the external DVRdaddy drive glows pink. Any suggestions?

    Dana Reimer on
  • If previously purchased a 1tb external but are now thinking of purchasing something larger. Can they be daisy chained so existing shows can be watched or is is the same as the internal and it will only be available if un/plugged in and turned on?

    Jim on
  • For DirecTV, the DVR will access either the internal or external hard drive. If the expander is connected it will bypass the internal hard drive but the programs are not lost. To access the recorded content saved on the internal hard drive you would just need to power off the expander and re-boot the DVR. Thanks! on
  • From DVRdaddy homepage: “Plan ahead, because when you connect the external drive, you’ll lose access to all the recordings on the internal drive.” The info on Amazon regarding DVRdaddy’s external hard drives implies that once an external hard drive is removed, the receiver can be reset to view programs already recorded on the internal hard drive. The DirecTV installer said connecting an external hard drive erases the internal hard drive. What is the correct info?

    Cliff Herrick on

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