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Arris DVR Replacement Drives | Moxi

Expand Your Arris DVR Storage Capacity

Expand the capacity of your Arris / Moxi DVR by using an eSATA device, also known as an Arris DVR external hard drive. 

An external hard drive allows you to expand the recording capacity of your DVR beyond the internal capabilities. The  Arris DVR eSATA port supports the connection of external retail hard drives that are certified for DVR use.

The Moxi HD DVR and Moxi Mate® are no longer available for purchase, but at DVRDaddy, we carry replacement drives for the Moxi HD DVR (Sorry...not the Moxi Mate®).

Arris / Moxi External Hard Drives & Expanders

Our selection of brand new DVRdaddy external eSATA DVR expanders for Arris & Moxi support the following models:

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