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DVR Upgrade - Increase DVR CapacityIt's Time for a DVR Upgrade

You love to watch all your favorite programs and sporting events but have limited time to fit it all in. So you use your DVR to record it all so you can watch it when your schedule permits.

Ahh, you finally have a moment and sit down in front of the TV to review your playlist and find your DVR is running out of recording capacity.

You notice some of your shows have been deleted and replaced with new programs such as Dora, Thomas and Friends, Disney Chanel, Ellen, and many others! realize the wife and kids are becoming quite knowledgeable on how to record using the DVR…

Upgrade Your Existing DVR to Increase Performance and Recording Capacity

Today's DVRs are very advanced and can record +6 channels simultaneously. With high definition and ultra high definition content, it is easy to see how the stock hard drive provided with the DVR is not adequate for most users.

This is the exact issue I ran into with our DVR size as we had many shows we wanted to record but had limited space.

As an engineer from Georgia Tech, I developed a solution that would increase DVR capacity and allow the entire family to record and watch what ever they wanted whenever they wanted.

This was the beginning of DVRdaddy.

DVR Upgrade | Jonathan Cohen - DVRDaddy
Jonathan Cohen - DVRdaddy

The DVRDaddy Solution

I worked with suppliers to design and engineer external DVR hard drive expanders, specifically for DVRdaddy. These DVR expanders can be connected to your existing DVR to increase the DVR storage capacity to +8,000 hours of standard recording capacity!

Since the introduction of this product over nine (9) years ago we have expanded our do it yourself (DIY) solutions to include internal replacement hard drives for DVRs as well as offering completely upgraded DVR systems which are ready to go out of the box.

Each of our engineered solutions is designed to provide you with high quality products that provide long life so you may enjoy watching all your favorite programs!

Jonathan Cohen (aka DVRdaddy)
“DVR Power to All!”

We Specialize in Upgrading Your Existing DVR to increase performance and recording capacity! FREE Ground Shipping on All Orders! 

Digital recordings, especially High Definition (HD) recordings require extremely large hard drives in order to maintain an ample video library.

When it's time for a DVR Upgrade, our upgraded hard drives allow you to watch more and delete less and all hard drive upgrades come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. We have upgrades as large as 8,000 GB (8TB) for up to +8,000 hours of recording capacity so you can choose the upgrade that is right for you!