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10TB DirecTV External Hard Drive Expander for HR34 HR44 HR54 HS17 Genie

  • $ 53988

Brand new 10TB DVRdaddy DirecTV external hard drive / external eSATA DVR expander.

Note: DVR must have an eSATA port (see photo) for expander to work.

Supports DirecTV Models HR34, HR44, HR54, HS17 Genie DVRs

Features Include:

  • NOTE DVR must have an eSATA port for expander to function (please see photo)
  • Increase Video Recording Capacity as follows;
    • 10TB Hard Drive +10,000 Standard Hours or 2,400 HD!
  • Increased Video Streaming Performance and Upgraded Acoustics
  • Ultra Quiet Performance and Ultra Cool Operation
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation - no tools required. No need to open DVR unit.
  • Everything included to get you up up and running (i.e. instructions, power cord, connecting cable, stand, etc.)

When connected, this DirecTV external hard drive unit takes the place of your internal hard drive.

The recordings on your internal hard drive are not lost or erased when the external hard drive expander is connected. If you want to play programs already stored on your internal hard drive, you must unplug the external drive and restart your receiver.

Full instructions are provided.

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